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Rateable Value - is yours too high?

26 September 2022 11:15

Do you think your Rateable Value is too high? Or maybe you believe it’s not been fairly assessed. For example, is the description of the internal areas incorrect, or maybe the agricultural exemption has not been applied. If so, you have the right to appeal under the ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal’ system.

Rosemary Brown of Bluebell Dairy, Brunswood Farm, nr Derby received a surprise visit from their VOA Inspector in August 2018. The result of an inspection left the family feeling very concerned about the potential outcome and the possibility of being incorrectly assessed. They decided professional advice and help was needed so Rosemary contacted Davies & Co. Her comments are as follows: -

“Having known Barry Davies of Davies and Co for many years and fully aware of his professional knowledge within this specific area, our choice of who to approach was clear.

After contacting Barry, we passed all correspondence from the VOA straight to him and it was dealt with professionally and efficiently. His knowledge and expertise meant we could move the situation forward quite rapidly.

Being tenant farmers, our situation is not straight forward, but he dealt with the queries including challenging the VOA on a possible “receipt basis” valuation. The positive outcome left us feeling extremely relieved and reassured.

His speedy approach and professional knowledge meant we achieved the desired outcome. Our Rateable Value remained at £4500, when it could have been increased to £17,500- £20,000.

Barry is extremely approachable, is a very good listener and took everything we said on board. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to any other farm attraction or retail outlet wanting a reduction in their Rateable Value.”

For advice on reducing your Rateable Value contact: -

Davies & Co

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