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Class Q Planning (Agricultural to Residential) Update

Barry Davies
06 March 2018 16:51

The Government has introduced a change to Class Q permitted development rights in February 2018, providing further clarity on the works allowable.

Class Q, covering the conversion of agricultural property to residential dwellings, was introduced in 2014. The original wording focused mainly on external alterations, however, leaving internal renovations open to debate and interpretation. Because of this, many councils were denying applications made under Class Q which required internal structural changes to support or create additional floors.

The new guidance clarifies this matter, stating explicitly that such internal works should not fall under Class Q:

‘Internal works are not generally development. For the building to function as a dwelling it may be appropriate to undertake internal structural works, including to allow for a floor, the insertion of a mezzanine or upper floors within the overall residential floor space permitted, or internal walls, which are not prohibited by Class Q.’

If you are seeking to secure Planning Permission to convert an agricultural building for residential use under Permitted Development Rights (PDR) Class Q, please contact us for assistance.